Thermal Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs

Thermal heat treatments for bed bugs is the fastest and most efficient method to kill the live bed bugs and eggs in your home or property.

Thermal heat treatments can safely treat furniture and most other items in your home. The cost of a thermal bed bug treatment will be less than the cost of replacing your furniture. 

Bed bugs do not have a natural resistance to heat. Temperatures of 120 degrees or greater will kill the bed bugs and eggs within the treatment time. 

Thermal Heat
IS Safe

Why choose thermal heat?

bed bug close up

Kills Bugs and Eggs

Bed bugs and their eggs die at 117 degrees if exposed to it for a long enough time. A thermal heat treatment is designed to energize the air and to heat the items in the home to proper temperatures to kill bed bugs. These temperatures typically range from 120 to 140 degrees.

limited chemical

Limited Chemical Application

Heat does not leave any type of residue once is cools down. The chemical application provides protection from possible reintroduction and eliminates hiding places for the bugs to survive the treatment.

picture of bed bugs on an arm

Biting Stops That Day

Thermal heat is the only treatment for bed bugs that can stop the bites in one day.

Why choose a heat treatment?

Things to consider when weighing the cost of a heat treatment.

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