How to Prep for a Bed Bug Treatment

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Bed Bug Treatment Preparation

The internet is filled with a lot of articles on how to prepare your home for a bed bug treatment. Most of this advice was written 10 years ago and the methods to treat your home have changed since then and so have the prep requirements. Each company will have its own list of things for you to do so it is important that whatever company you choose you to follow their guidelines.

120 Pest has developed treatments that have preparation guidelines that are considered low to no prep. We do NOT require that you bag every piece of clothing and bedding you own and wash it. Our treatments are designed to treat your existing furniture so you will not have the expense of buying new.  Replacing your furniture can quickly cost more than a professional bed bug treatment.

Our treatments are based on the philosophy that the more the area is disturbed the more likely you are to spread the bugs through the house.

This does not mean that your house cannot be clean. We do require basic housekeeping to be done. If you decide to use a thermal heat treatment there are a few more steps because of the heat. Your clothes still stay in drawers and closets and not in plastic bags.

Call us today to find out about a low prep bed bug treatment.

You can download a copy of thermal heat prep sheet here. 

Thermal Heat Bed Bug Preparation Checklist

Before The Treatment

After The Treatment

Traditional Bed Bug Treatment Preparation

For 120 Pest to provide the best possible service, we ask that you make a few simple preparations before we arrive. The following preparations are minimal but are crucial to the success of the program. If your home requires any additional preparation, we will let you know. DO NOT BAG YOUR CLOTHING, EMTPY YOUR DRAWERS, OR REMOVE ITEMS UNLESS DIRECTED TO.

To Prepare For Service

After The Service

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