Bed Bug Protection Plan

Renters and homeowners insurance does not cover bed bug infestations. Find out about 120 Pest’s bed bug insurance. 

What is it?

Our one of a kind bed bug insurance program proactively works to capture or kill bed bugs as they are introduced into the home and stop them early. 

Lots of Fees?

One yearly fee covers routine inspections and treatments if you bring bed bugs in your house. 

Why do I need it?

Bed bugs can be introduced into your home through many ways including overnight guests, friends, family, travel, or used furniture. 

Is it safe?

Targeted preventive treatments are made on the initial viist to provide a protection against introduced  bed bugs. You will not see or smell it. 

24/7 Monitoring

Monitors with special bed bug lures are discreetly placed in the bed rooms to capture any bugs brought in. 

How do you treat?

Depending on the situation we can use our thermal heat or chemical-based treatment method. 

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