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Commercial Pest Control Treatment

Restaurant, Warehouse, Senior Living, Office, Camps, Hotel, Retail

Commercial Pest Control Treatment

Restaurant, Warehouse, Senior Living, Office, Camps, Hotel, Retail

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A Local Company for Your Commercial Pest Needs

120 Pest is an experienced trusted name in commercial pest control, providing high-quality extermination and pest prevention services to Canton and Cherokee’s businesses.  We understand that even one pest can be far too many for your clients and customers. Our experienced and certified technicians work quickly and efficiently to resolve your pest problems.

Commercial Beg Bugs treatments

Over 30 years of commercial pest control experience.

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3 Step Process: 1. Inspection 2. Plan 3. Confirm Results

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Committed to protecting your brand reputation.

Commercial Pest Control Services for  Businesses

Pest infestations in a commercial environment can make a financial impact on your business. Just one pest attack is enough to make negative publicity, with the instant sharing of information through Social Media. We can help you from such consequences before they destroy your reputation. Don’t allow a mouse, bed bug, or roach be your first impression.


Restaurants, Hotels, Retail Stores

Negative experience of customers during dining will directly affect your business. The presence of pests can damage your brand’s reputation. Nowadays customers give more priority to neatness and health. Hygiene surroundings ensures that food prepared for your customers is safe to eat. Our specialists can provide pest control for restaurants and hotels. We have the key to maintain your reputation.

Offices and Buildings

Pest infestations can interrupt your office time and employees feel they are at risk. Pests can spread diseases, and damage inventory, equipment and buildings. 120 Pest has expert pest management specialists. Our services are based on your business needs.

medical-laboratory Commercial Pest Control

Senior Living and Nursing Homes

We all know that pests cause serious health issues, that they transmit pathogenic germs and spread diseases. Patients, staff, and visitors need a safe and hygienic environment. Patient treatment and accommodation facilities need expert attention and knowledge to keep the spaces pest-free.

Schools and Other Educational Institutions

Schools and educational institutions should be safe for students and staff. We have to keep these surroundings protected from unwanted pests. Pest infestation in a school can have a negative effect on an institution’s reputation. Whether roaches, bed bugs, or rodents 120 Pest knows how to quickly eliminate problems.



Pests can damage products and inventory, and your name.120 Pest can solve your warehouse pest needs without the need for downtime.  Don’t lose product or profit because of pests.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"Hal is a life saver! Most businesses do not take the time or care to help the customer if they are not the ones to do the job."
"Very professional, communicative, and courteous. 10/10 service quality, and would recommend this company to anyone."
Remington Youngblood
"They took time to carefully explain our options and didn’t suggest one way over another. The heat treatment, however, is the best deal. "
Michael Alfano Jr.