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Bed Bug Control In Stone Mountain GA

Bed Bug Treatments For Cleveland, GA


Treating bed bugs in Stone Mountain, GA is what we do everyday. Whether you have bed bugs in your home or business we have the solution for you.

Bed Bug Treatments For Alpharetta, GA


120 PEST can confirm the presence of bed bugs for homes and businesses in Stone Mountain and Dekalb County. Our staff can find physical evidence of bed bugs and show you the evidence before suggesting a treatment.

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We offer single room treatments and whole home treatments in Stone Mountain. We also offer financing up to 12 months.

90 Day Warranty

Standard For All Of Our Bed Bug Services

Your treatment is backed by our standard 90 day warranty. During the warranty period there are no additional, fees, or trip charges.

Treatment Types

Thermal Heat
Kills the live bugs and eggs in the whole house in just one day.

A chemical based multi step process that is good for one or two rooms.

Areas Serviced

Zip Codes :

30083, 30086, 30087, and 30088.

Cities Near Stone Mountain

Stone Mountain, Pine Lake, Tucker, Clarkston, Redan, Mountain Park

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Facts About Bed Bugs


Bed bugs are successful hitchhikers. People, animals, and items can move bed bugs from one place to another. Bed bugs respond to warmth and carbon dioxide in search of a bloodmeal. Every time we breathe we exhale carbon dioxide. Bed bugs tend to stay close to the meal and wait. By living close to the area where a person sleeps the bed bugs are able to detect the person via elevated carbon dioxide levels and leave their hiding spot to go feed. Once fed they return to their hiding spot.


A female bed bug can deposit 1-5 eggs per day or a total of 200-250 over it’s 10-12 month lifespan. Eggs are placed in clusters and glued together. Eggs typically hatch within 7-10 days with a baby bed bug reaching maturity in 1 1/2 to 2 months. Bed bugs reach maturity by going through 5 molting stages. Newly hatched bed bugs are translucent but once they feed they become reddish-brown.


Bed bugs are brown-reddish small flattened bugs that can fit into cracks and crevices. They can be 1/4 to 3/8 long. These bugs can be seen with the naked eye. The can be mistaken for ticks and closely resemble a bat bug. A bed bug egg is white and about 1/25 inch long. These can be found in clusters.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does a professional bed bug Treatment from an exterminator Cost?

A professional bed bug extermination can range from from $350 up to $3000.00 plus depending on the type of bed bug treatment that is chosen. The length of the warranty and how many visits are needed can also help determine the cost of a bed bug treatment.

2. Does your treatment kill the bugs and eggs?

Yes, all of our bed bug treatments are designed to kill the live bugs and eggs. Thermal heat can completely kill all of  the bed bugs and their eggs in less than 10 hours.

3. Can bed bugs live in my car or truck?

Bed bugs are great hitchhikers. Bed bugs do not fly or jump bur rather ride on people’s clothes or belongings from one pace to another.

We treat cars or vehicles for bed bugs at the same time we treat the house.

You can find bed bugs in your car. The car is not the an ideal living condition for a bed bug but if you have someone or something, such as luggage,  in your car that has bed bugs on it then they can be introduced to your car or your home.

Uber, Lift, taxi, and other ride share cars are the most vulnerable to having bed bugs in them.  Treating a  car for bed bugs is something a professional can do quickly and safely.

18 Wheeler trucks are common places for bed bugs because of the sleeper section. 120 Pest can treat your semi truck in less than 8 hours and save you unneeded hotel stays.

4. Can bed bugs been seen with naked eye?

A lot of people ask if bed bugs require special tools to find.  Adult bed bugs are the size of an apple seed and can be seen with a naked eye. A strong flashlight and knowing where to look can help to.

Younger nymphs may be harder to spot with a naked eye.

Our trained bed bug experts also look for other evidence of bed bugs such as fecal smears and skin casts.

5. Why do I feel ashamed or embarrassed about bed bugs?

Bed bugs can be a very emotional problem for people. People feel ashamed or like a bad parent for allowing the bugs into the house. A lot of people feel this way and who can blame them?

Having a bug biting your or children while you sleep can be a emotional event.

This can lead people to try weird and expensive DIY treatments that just don’t work. The DIY treatments or hiring a company that is not an expert in treating them can lead having them longer than necessary.

The reality is most people do not realize they have been brought into the house. Bed bugs are not your fault. Bed bugs are not attracted to dirty homes or old furniture.

People tell us everyday that they are embarrassed and do not want their neighbors to know. We understand that and we have designed our our trucks and equipment to be discreet. The vehicles designed to look like a home contractor, not a pest control company.

Atlanta has been in the top 20 cities for bed bugs for over 10 years. Bed bugs are very common. People do not talk about them like termites or ants.

6. How do bed bugs spread?

Bed bugs can start in one room of your house and before you know they are in every room. How did that happen?

Bed bugs are hitchhikers and can walk from room to room. One person can bring them in through luggage, clothes, backpack, or a friend.

If an overnight guest brings them in then the bugs are are fine to stay in that one room until the person leaves. Once that person leaves or does not sleep there the bugs will get hungry. If there not a  person to feed on, they will literally walk right out of the room to another.

People can also lay on a spot and pick them up and take then other rooms.

It is important to have a professional treat as soon as you think you have them. Waiting can spread the bugs and make getting rid of them take longer.

7. How does a bed bug bite look like?

Some people react to bed bug bites and some people do not. A comparison is some people get bumps after getting bit by a mosquito and some people don’t.

We have couples tell us all the time my wife gets bit but I don’t. In reality you are both getting bit but only one person reacts to the bite.

8. Do You Do offer Bed Bug Removal in Assisted Living Facilities (ALF) and Nursing Homes?

Yes, we offer bed bug treatment for assisted living and nursing homes. These are special places that need a special treatment plans that does not rely solely on the use of chemical products.

Call and talk to us today about the different treatment options we can offer for assisted living or nursing homes. Single room or whole building bed bug removal is available.

Our treatments can be low impact and quiet. Other residents and visitors will not even know we are on the property. Let us come to your facility and talk with you.

9. Can bed bugs make you sick or spread disease?

No, bed bugs have been proven NOT  to spread to diseases or make you sick. You may have allergic reaction to the bite where you get a red rash or bump.

10. How fast can your bed bug treatment get rid of my bed bugs?

We offer two treatments to kill bed bugs. Thermal heat is the fastest and most effective treatment for bed bugs.  The bed bugs and eggs can be killed in a single treatment. A traditional chemical treatment for bed bugs can take 2 to 3 visits over 4 to 6 weeks.

Our work is guaranteed and all of the post treatment follow ups are included in the price.

11. How do I know which bed bug treatment is right for me?

Learning about bed bug treatments can be time consuming. The internet is filled with a lot of DIY information that may or may not be accurate. Each company can offer different bed bug treatment plans.

By talking with our trained bed bug experts,  we can recommend which treatment would be best suited for your home and family. We offer free phone consultations to explain how the treatments work and how each would be successful in your situation.

12. Can bed bugs come back after the treatment?

It is important to have a warranty with any bed bug treatment. 120 Pest’s standard warranty is 90 days but it can be extended for up to 1 year.

Even after all of the bed bugs and eggs are killed you can reintroduce them into your. It is important to try and find out how you got the bed bugs so they do come back after the treatment. Bed bug treatments do not normally kill bugs brought in after the treatment.

Companies that do not offer warranties or charge for each visit may not have the knowledge or experience to kill the bed bugs in your fast.

Bed bugs eggs can take 2 weeks to hatch. Our warranties are based on the life cycle of the bed bug and not a treatment schedule.