Need help to pay for the treatment?

Get Financing for up to 12 Months

3,6,9, or 12-month Term

Sometimes an unexpected bed bug or termite service can be more expensive than you might have anticipated; however, they are still very necessary. At 120 Pest, we understand and are very excited to now offer an option to help you bridge the gap between those needed immediate pest services and the financing to do so. We’ve recently partnered with ARC 90 to help our customers get instantly approved for a loan with and without a credit check. 

Interest rates will be between 9% and 15%

You’ll need the following to qualify:
1.    A valid driver’s license or state-issued ID.
2.    A valid bank account
3.    Proof of income.


Apply with no credit check

1. Click the “Get Approved” link below or call us to help process your application.
2. Follow prequalification steps for approval.
3. Once approved, call us and we will schedule your service.