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Pest Protection for your Home

Pest protection from local pest control experts!

Pest Protection for your Home

Pest protection from local pest control experts!

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 Pest Prevention and Control

Why Pest Prevention and not Pest Control?

$35 a month pest control price

Tired of the same old pest control service with a company that shows up unannounced and spends more time in the truck than treating your property? Looking for a better local pest control company that kills your ants, roaches, and mice?  Our pest control protection plan delivers the results you need to protect your home from ants, roaches, spiders, and over 15 other pests. Our pest protection plan can treat, protect, and control your pests starting at just $35 a month. 

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What is a Pest Protection Plan?

Instead of pest control, we offer pest protection. Pest Protection uses materials in and around your home that are designed to prevent pests from getting inside of your house.

Let our pest experts target the pests that are at your house. Not every house is the same and our technicians understand that. Our company is not focused on how fast we service your home but rather how well we perform the service.

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Pest Control and Protection Plan

Our Pest Control Promise

120 Pest promises to protect your home from bugs and pests while making the process as easy as possible for you.

We are based in Canton Ga and we limit what cities we offer our home pest control to. By doing that we can respond faster to any issue that may arise.

You can call, text, or email us and get someone who can make a decision. We are a locally owned pest control company whose employees live and work in the communities they service.

Call Us: 404-247-8091
$35 a month pest control price

How Much Does
Pest Control Cost?

For only $35 a month and a low startup fee, your home can be protected from over 15 pests including ants and roaches. Our budget-friendly monthly subscription makes our plan affordable. We guarantee our rates but do not lock you into a long-term agreement.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Pest Protection and Control

1. What is the difference between pest control and pest protection?

Pest control is when a company reacts to a problem you may already have such as ants in the kitchen or a mouse in the basemnt. Pest protection is when a company proactivly tries to prevent an infestation from happening by being proactive in how they treat your property.

2. How long does the products last?

The life of a product can depend on a number of factors including weather and the environment it is applied in. Our typical treatment can last up to 90 days.

3. Can I smell the products?

The products we choose ussually do not have any odor associated. Sometimes people can smell them for a short time right after application.

4. What if the plan is not controlling the pest to my satisfaction?

We provide no cost return visits on the pests covered to ensure you a pest free home.

5. Will an exterior treatment control pests inside my home?

Yes, most of the pests your encounter inside your home orginated from the exterior. In some cases, such as roaches or fleas we may have to provide an interior treatment to get rid of the pests.

6. How often do you service my home for pests?

Our pricing is based on 4 scheduled visits a year and free return visits if needed.

7. How much does pest control service cost for my home?

Our pest protection plan is a subscription-based service. There is an initial start-up fee then just $35 a month for most homes. We do not require long-term agreements. The price is locked in for 12 months.

8. How long is your agreement?

Our agreements are a month to month subscription. We do not believe in locking you in to a service. We want the service the keep you not the agreement.

9. What is the difference between a subscription and pest control service?

Our subscription plan helps people budget and make pest control affordable. Instead of getting 4 large bills every year you get 12 small ones.

10. Are you a pest control company near me?

For pest control we service Ball Ground, Woodstock, Canton, Cumming,  Holly Springs, Alpharetta, Milton, and surrounding areas. We travel from Atlanta to Dalton for bed bug control. Please visit our bed bug control page for more information.

11. Do you offer commercial pest control service?

Yes, depending on the nature of our business we offer a customized pest control program. We can offer aprogram that is appropriate for your business.

12. What pests are included in your pest protection and control plan?

Ants, roaches, bees, wasps, fleas, mice, spiders, and over 15 other pests.