Bed Bug Treatment with Chemicals

Chemical based treatments for bed bugs have been developed since the early 2000’s

The treatments can target one room or an entire home. We utilize a multi-step process that just does not rely on the use of chemicals or require a lot of unnecessary prep work on your part. 

With over 15 years of field experience, we understand what can cause these treatments not to be successful and how to make every treatment result in a bed bug-free result. 

Why choose a traditional treatment?

bed bug close up

Can target just one room

After a through inspection of your home, we can offer treatments that target just the rooms that have evidence of bed bugs.

limited chemical

No prep approach

We do not require you bag all of your clothes, empty dressers, or remove most items .

picture of bed bugs on an arm


Our treatments include a warranty that is based on a bed bug life cycle. This ensures enough time has passed for success.

Steps of a chemical-based or traditional treatment

Things to consider when weighing the cost of a chemical-based or traditional treatment.

120 Pest is certified by Bed Bug Central as a Bed Bug Free Company. That shows we have completed their bed bug training and use the low prep treatment method. Bed Bug Central researches and teaches companies the most progressive techniques in bed bug treatments.

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