Commercial Bed Bug Treatments

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We provide treatments for occupied and vacant units. We can use our chemical-based or thermal heat method to best fit your budget and needs.

AirBnB / Short Term Rental

Bed bugs can cause you to lose money each day the bugs are alive. Our solutions can get your rental back in service within 24 hours.


Other types of property we treat are 18 wheelers, travel trailer / rv, cars and autos, stores, rental cabins

warranty Included

for all of our services

A warranty is included with all of the services. Most properties will receive a 30 or 90-day warranty. The warranty includes all of the necessary follow visits in the initial price.

Multi Family


Bed bugs in a residential apartment setting can be difficult. By working with the tenant or management we can provide you with a solution. 

Retirement Home / Assisted Living / senior Living

Ongoing bed bug problems can cost you residents and income. We have bed bug treatment plans that can quickly and discreetly be done on your property. 

Halfway homes / Rehab Centers

These properties can require discretion and may present an ongoing reintroduction problem. Let us talk with you about how to overcome these problems.  

Overnight Night Camps and Cabins

Have you your cabin or camp treated in between sessions to ensure a bed bug free week.


1. Inspection and confirmation of bed bugs.
2. We offer either thermal heat or a chemical-based treatment depending on the unique circumstances.
3. We offer the best options for treating in occupied and non-occupied apartments
4. Occupied units get a 90-day warranty at no extra charge.
5.Work with the manager and tenant to ensure a successful outcome.
6. Provide online access to property history.​

AirBnB / Short Term Rentals

Quick Response

Rental income can disappear if your property is delisted or has negative reviews about bed bugs. We can react quickly and provide a one-day treatment that can allow your unit to be rented the next day. 

Limited prep

All treatments has low to no prep to ensure a quicker treatment. 


  1. 1. Inspection and confirmation of the presence of bed bugs.
  2. 2. We offer either thermal heat or a chemical-based treatment depending on the unique circumstances.
  3. 3. We can offer quiet and efficient treatments to get the room or house back in service quickly.
  4. 4. The treatment includes a standard 30-day warranty.
  5. 5. Provide online access to property history.
  6. 6. Provide training to staff to help identify bed bugs and create an action plan.


Other types of property we can treat for bed bugs:

18 Wheeler / Big Rig


Rental Cabins

Cars and Autos

Travel Trailer / RV

Fire Stations

Heat Service for other commercial uses

These services are based on specific needs and time frames. This can be a viable option for saving infested cargo, an alternative to fumigation, or using a non-chemical approach.

Stored Product Pest


Used Furniture

German Cockroaches

Moving Vans

Different Than Your Regular Pest Control Company​

120 PEST are bed bug specialists. We utilize entomologists and researchers from around the country to create and deliver an effective and least invasive treatment for your property.
We do not ask your residents or employees to spend days prepping for our arrival. Our treatments work in the real world and with are built with realistic client cooperation expectations. Our focus is bed bug elimination. Our technicians are not trying to squeeze your property into a 20-minute open window between an ant service and a cockroach service. 120 PEST schedules the time necessary for inspection, treatment, and follow up. Your bed bug inspector has been trained to bed bug inspection, detection, elimination, and follow up monitoring.

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