Termite Control and Prevention Alpharetta, GA

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Termite Control and Prevention for Your Alpharetta Home

Termites can silently cause damage to your home and you may not even be aware. Having your home inspected for termites can identify an infestation or conditions that may lead to termites

Our termite control program delivers the results your need to protect your home from termites.

With over 30 years of local experience, we understand the termites found in Alpharetta. Our plans can treat, protect, and control termites for a low monthly fee. 

Termite Control and Prevention

Termite Control

Your home is your biggest investment. Georgia has a large termite population and can be found in almost every yard in the state. The termites are constantly looking for food and we can ensure your house is not on the menu.

Termite Baiting

120 PEST is a natural pest control company. There are not any natural options for termite control but we do offering termite baiting systems. These systems use a small amount of bait when needed instead of hudreds of gallons for a treatment.

Liquid Treatments

Liquid termite treatments may be neccesary. Liquids can stop the termites fast or stop further/potiental damage from happeing. 120 Pest chooses products that require almost haf the amount of product as other companies use. Same protection - Less Chemicals Used- Guaranteed.

Guaranteed Renewal Rates

Our service will earn your loyalty

To be the best termite control company serving Alpharetta GA, we do not want you to feel stuck. Our program has a simple monthly subscription payment plan but we guarantee your rate.  

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Termite Control Answers

Termites are controlled using termite liquid products or a termite baiting system. We use the construction type of the home and termite biology to accurately apply the products. Different construction types require different methods and quantity of products applied to achieve termite control.

The two types of termites is eastern subterranean and Formosan. The subterrain termite is the most common species found but the Formosan is becoming more frequently found. Formosan termites can cause damage more quickly than the subterranean termites.

Home Depot and Lowes does sell products that can kill termites. We understand how the different products are designed to kill termites and long products will last in the Georgia environment. Products sold at Home Depot or Lowes do not have a long life once applied and are not the best products available. Understanding how the product allows you to apply it correctly and get good results.


Subterranean termites live in the soil and can be controlled with a liquid barrier or a properly installed baiting system.

Termites that are already in your home needs immediate treatment. A liquid product can be applied to the soil, under slabs, or into wall voids. 120 Pest can also apply a foam product that will expand in the void to cover the area in the termite product.

Regular pest control service designed for ants, roaches, mice, etc will not kill termites or provide termite protection.

The best termite control is dependent on your house. A baiting system is the best termite control for most houses. Liquid treatments are the best for active termite infestations or if there are conditions that may be conducive to termites entering the house.

The cost of a termite treatment is usually priced by linear footage of the house. 120 Pest breaks the price into a low monthly payment for the life of the contact.

Yes, a termite baiting system does not require a trench be dug for termite control.

A subterranean termite colony can cause noticeable damage in 3-8 years. The average subterranean termite colony can eat a foot of 2 by 4 in 6 months. An average Formosan colony can eat a foot of 2 by 4 in just about 25 days.

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