Liquid Termite Treatments

Liquid termite treatments for control and prevention have been around for decades. As a result, the technology of the products and techniques has improved. A basic liquid treatment plan uses the philosophy of creating a barrier around your home. The termites either die when they cross the barrier or they pick up the termiticide and spread it through the entire colony. 120 PEST is proud to be certified as an authorized applicator of Termidor© Products. Termidor© is the only termite product that uses “the transfer effect” which results in full colony elimination. Termidor© is undetectable to termites if applied correctly. Termites will cross through the treatment zone and as a result pick up the product on their bodies. As they interact with other members of the termite colony they pass the product on. This breakthrough technology is far superior to other types of products that only repel the termites away from your home. Liquid treatments last for years after application, therefore, giving your home long-lasting protection.


The Benifets

Less Pesticide Use

New products use half of the amount of older products.

Lowest Cost

Over time liquid treatments are cheaper than a baiting system to maintain.

Protection from Day 1

The product is tested to last 7-10 years under normal conditions.

Gets Rid of Current Infestations

This treatment will kill termites that are currently attacking your home.


All treatments come with a 1-year renewable warranty.


Once the application has dried it is safe for your children and animals to be around the treated zone.

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