Termite Baiting

A termite baiting system is different than a liquid treatment. Stations leave a smaller footprint in your landscaping. The stations are placed about every 15 feet around your home. A small hole is dug and the tamper resistant stations are installed. Trelona© termite bait stations are the next generation station. It’s predecessor, the Advance© Termite Bait System requires quarterly checks and does not contain active bait until termite activity is detected. With Trelona© the bait is installed from the day of installation and quarterly inspections are no longer required. These stations are a great alternative to the Sentricon Termite Always Active™ system.


The Benifets

Less Pesticide Use

The product that kills the termite is in a self contained locking station. Instead of gallons of pesticdes it is measured in grams.

Smaller Footprint

The stations are placed every 15 feet around the foundation. They can be placed in and around existing landscaping without damage.

Protection from Day 1

The stations contain active ingredients on the day they are installed. They do not require quarterly monitoring and work 24/7.

Great for Real Estate Transcations

Stations can be installed quickly and without disturbance of existing landscaping. Warranty is transferrable to the new owner.


All baiting systems come with a 1-year renewable warranty.


The stations are locked are safe for children and pets to be around.

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