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Pest Control Protection for Your Jasper Home

Tired of the same old pest control service in Jasper with lots of unwanted chemicals applied in your home? Looking for a better natural alternative that kills your ants and roaches, that actually works?

Our natural pest control program delivers the results your need to protect your home from ants, roaches, and over 15 other pests. With over 30 years of local experience, we understand what pests are in Jasper. Our natural protection plan can treat, protect, and control your pests starting at just $39 a month. 

Perks of Natural Pest Control Protection

Natural Pest Control

Learn about the best natural pest control service in Jasper. Whether you have ants, roaches, mice, fleas or mosquitoes in your home or business we have the best pest control solution for you. Not only is effective is it done using all natural and non-toxic products we do not lock you into a contract.

Money Back Guarantee

120 PEST backs our natural pest control program with a money back guarantee.


Our Naural Pest control program is afforable. For a small startup fee and only $39 a month you get the same proetction as other pest control programs.

No Long term Contracts

Our service will earn your loyalty

To be the best pest control company serving Jasper GA, we do not want you to feel stuck. Our program is a month-to-month subscription.  

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What are the most common bugs I may find in my Canton home?

♦ Roaches

♦ Ants

♦ Mice

♦ Termites

♦ Spiders

♦ Stink Bugs

♦ Fleas

♦ Silverfish

♦ Beetles

♦ Mosquito

Frequently Asked Questions About Natural Pest Control

A natural or organic service uses products that have been formed from a plant, mineral, or living organism. Natural pest control can also use non chemical methods such as caulk, hole repair, cleaning, and other ways to deter the pests.

The life of a product can depend on a number of factors including weather and the environment it is applied in. The life of a natural product is shorter than that of a synthetic product.

Sometimes the plant products can have a smell such as wintergreen, spearmint, or other fragrance.

We can switch the product we are using or in some instances offer synthetic versions.

No, there are some pests that we need to use other products to help eliminate them from your home. Some of these pests are mice, fleas, termites, bed bugs, and German roaches. This will be explained to you before it is done.

Our pricing is based on 4 scheduled visits a year and free return visits if needed.

Our pest protection plan is a subscription based service. There is an initial start up fee then just $39 a month. We do not require long term agreements. The price is locked in for 12 months.

Our agreements are a month to month subscription. We do not believe in locking you in to a service. We want the service the keep you not the agreement.

Our subscription plan helps people budget and make pest control affordable. Instead of getting 4 large bills every year you get 12 small ones.

For natural pest control we service Roswell, Woodstock, Canton, Marietta, Alpharetta, Milton, and surrounding areas. We travel from Atlanta to Dalton for bed bug control. Please visit our bed bug control page for more information.

Yes, depending on the nature of our business we may not be to offer a total natural pest control program. We can offer a non-natural program that is appropriate for your business. 

Ants, roaches, bees, wasps, fleas, mice, spiders, and over 10 other pests.

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