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Hey there! Have you ever heard about termites? They are tiny bugs that can cause big problems for houses. In Georgia, termites are very common and easy to find. By having your home treated you have placed a barrier between your home and the termites forging in the yard. Sometimes these barriers fail for several reasons. It is important to have your biggest asset protected because homeowners’ insurance does not cover damage or treatments. But don’t worry, there are ways to protect your home from them. Two important ways are through termite bonds and warranties. Let’s learn about them!


Termite Bond and Warranty: How they are similar


Imagine termite bonds and warranties are like a promise between you and a pest control company. When you get a termite bond, the company agrees to help you if termites ever show up in your house. They might do things like inspect your house regularly for termites and treat your home if they find any.

But remember, termite bonds and warranties aren’t free. You usually have to pay for them every year. Think of it like paying for insurance to keep your house safe from termites. It’s worth it because it can save you a lot of money in the long run if termites ever try to munch on your house!

What Makes a Termite Bond Different?

Termite bonds require the termite company to contract with a third party to have a surety bond put in place. In Georgia, termite bonds are not generally offered by termite and pest control companies.

The termite bond terms and conditions will specify if the company is responsible for just retreating your home or if they have pay for the damage occurred also.

You need to insure that a  bond with a the third party is really in place if you are expecting a termite bond.

Termite Warranty Explained:

Termite Warranties is the most common form of warranty offered in Georgia. Termite treatments can fail or not work for a long list of reasons. There are 2 different types of termite warranties in Georgia.

Retreatment Only Warranty:

This warranty says if after the treatment termites get into your home the company is only responsible for treating at no additional cost. This is the most common warranty because homes are not always built to be 100% termite proof and some of the building defects can actually make the home more inviting for termites.

Retreat and Repair Warranty:

This warranty says the company will retreat for free and repair the damage caused. Each warranty is different depending on how termite damage is covered.

The Difference Between a Termite Bond and Termite Warranty:

So, what’s the big difference between a termite bond and a termite warranty? Well, think of it like this: a termite bond is backed by a 3rd party surety bond company.

A termite warranty is backed by the company and most likely their termite insurance policy.

Remember, it’s always a good idea to talk to a knowledgeable termite company such as Canton GA based 120 Pest, about getting a termite warranty for your house. With these protections in place, you can rest easy knowing that your home is safe from termites!