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Bed Bugs in my AirBnB or Rental Home

Making some extra money by renting out a space is great. Bed bugs in my Airbnb is not what a host wants to hear nor is not what a renter wants to say. The presence of bed bugs does not reflect on the condition property or cleanliness. Just like hotels, apartments, cabins, and other rentals people bring them with them. Some people do not even realize that they are transporting them from one place to another.

Airbnb Host and Bed Bugs

As a host, your Airbnb guests can introduce bed bugs into your rental. A guest can bring in the bugs and you are completely unaware. A future guest complains then your property could be delisted from Airbnb until you have resolved the problem. You should take any report of bed bugs seriously and be quick to react to protect the reputation and future bookings.

If you find you have bed bugs, you need to contact Airbnb to change the availability of your property while you deal with the infestation. If you have bookings already then tell AirBnB the situation and try to cancel the bookings. You will lose some short-term revenue but it will save you time, headache, and your reputation.

If a new renter complains, you could lose that revenue and still must pay for a professional to come in and get rid of the bed bugs. Having a prevention plan in place could save you lost rental income and bad reviews. AirBnb will require a certificate or letter from a licensed bed bug professional saying that the Airbnb does not have bed bugs if they receive a complaint. This certificate can cost several hundred dollars to thousands of dollars depending on the infestation and size of the home.

Where to Look for Bed Bugs?

Certain areas of the bedroom are more prone to a bed bug infestation when the infestation is still low in numbers. Look for live bugs, reddish stains on the fabrics, skin casings, and black spots on furniture on walls that smear when wet. Also refer to our blog “How to check your home for bed bugs“,  for more information.

  • First look at the mattress and box springs. Pay attention the where the head of a person normally would lie. The seams and corners tend to be a favorite hiding spot
  • Look at the headboard, footboard, and bed frame.
  • If someone has complained to you about bed bugs then have a professional perform the inspection. A seasoned professional can usually locate smaller infestations rather than someone who has never even seen a bed bug before.
  • Inspect any furniture within two feet of the bed

If you do not see any bed bugs or evidence in these areas then the odds of finding them in another area if the room is low.

Mattress Encasements

A lot of sites tell you to encase the mattresses. Using a high-quality bed bug mattress encasement on the mattress and box spring can make inspection easier and aid in the treatment of bed bugs. Encasements do not stop bed bugs from being introduced and bed bugs will live on the outside of the encasement.

Act when you find Bed Bugs:

Call a bed bug professional to come and deal with the situation. Most of the time a professional can have the problem treated within one day and confirm elimination in 2-4 weeks. Trying to DIY a bed bug infestation is going to take you hours of internet research and guesswork. After all of that, you may get rid of the problem and wasted money on unneeded products. There is a lot of misinformation about how to treat bed bugs on the internet.  A professional understands bed bugs tendencies and has had real-world experience with different methods and products. A knowledgeable bed bug professional knows what products or techniques work when to use them, and how to quickly get rid of the bed bugs.

Need Bed Bug Help with your AirBnb or rental?

In Atlanta, 120 PEST offers a protection plan for bed bugs your AirBnb. This plan will help to identify if bed bugs are introduced and save you money on bed bug treatments. 120 Pest also offers bed bug treatments that can be completed in one day.

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