How Much Does A Bed Bug Professional Cost?

The Cost of a Professional Bed Bug Treatment Explained Bed bugs are one of the most difficult bugs to treat for a homeowner and a professional. Shopping for a professional bed bug treatment can be a difficult thing to do because it is hard to compare cost from company to company. One of the reasons […]

Organic and Natural Pest Control. What is the Difference?

natural pest control roswell ga

Organic Pest Control Organic Pest Control is usually used to describe what type of products are going to be used. People tend to say that organic products are not toxic. It is true that some of the products work by suffocation  or dehydration, but some such as Pyrethrum are toxic to the pest.  Organic pest […]

Hal Payne of 120 Pest has become an Associate Certified Entomologist

Associate Certified Entomologist

Hal Payne, the owner of 120 Pest, has earned the ACE certification from the The Entomological Society of America.  To earn Associate Certified Entomologist (ACE) status, a person must possess a minimum of five years of verifiable pest management experience, a current pest control license, the knowledge and ability to pass a rigorous exam testing […]

Bed Bug Dog Inspection

k9 bed bug dog inspection

What is a K9 Bed Bug Inspection? Dogs can be trained to to inspect for many different things. The more common items are drugs, people, and other illegal items. Dogs can also be trained to sniff out live bed bugs and eggs. The inspection consists of a trained dog and handler going through the target […]

How Do You Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

People ask all of the time, what can I do if I get bed bugs? Is there a bed bug spray can buy? Do I have to throw away my furniture? Bed bugs can be scary for people when they get. The simple answer is there is not a simple answer. Bed bugs are a […]

Do Bed Bugs Fly?

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Do Bed Bugs Fly? Modern bed bugs do not fly. They have undeveloped wing pads but no wings. Bed bugs cannot jump either. Bed bugs must crawl, walk or hitchhike to get to a host. Can bed bugs fly into houses or buildings? Bed bugs cannot fly into houses or buildings. Bed bugs do not […]

Atlanta’s Bed Bugs in 2020

atlanta is the in the top 10 bed bug city

Bed bugs do not go away on their own. Atlanta is moving up on the list of the top cities with bed bugs. Being proactive in the beginning of an infestation makes the experience a lot easier.  You must be proactive and have a plan to eliminate bed bugs from your home. If you have […]

Killing Bed-Bugs-in-Semi-Trucks with Heat

semi truck bed bug treatment

Bed Bugs Traveling in Trucks You are on the road for days at a time sleeping in your truck. Nothing can make your trip more miserable than bed bugs in the sleeper of your semi-truck or RV. There are many ways the internet will tell you to get rid of the bugs and not have […]

Where did I get bed bugs from?

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One of the first questions people want to be answered is “Where did I get bed bugs from?”. This question can bring up a wide range of emotions for the person having to have bed bug infestation eliminated from their home. If you can reasonably figure out the source, then you can take steps in […]

Seven Things Not To Do If You Have Bed Bugs!

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Seven Things Not To Do If You Have Bed Bugs
Discovering that you may have bed bugs in your house can be emotional. People react in different ways. Some ways could help your situation, some could hurt, and some could just cost you money that you did not need to spend. The most important thing to remeber is to remain calm. If you are unsure what to do then call a professional. 120 Pest always will give a free phone consultation. Below is 7 things that you should not do if you think you have bed bugs.