Killing Bed-Bugs-in-Semi-Trucks with Heat

semi truck bed bug treatment

Bed Bugs Traveling in Trucks You are on the road for days at a time sleeping in your semi truck. Nothing can make your trip more miserable than bed bugs in the sleeper of your semi-truck or RV. There are many ways the internet will tell you to get rid of the bugs and not […]

Where did I get bed bugs from?

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Where did these bed bugs come from? One of the first questions people want to be answered is “Where did I get bed bugs from?”. This question can bring up a wide range of emotions for the person having to have bed bug infestation eliminated from their home. If you can reasonably figure out the […]

Bed Bug Heat Treatments Explained

bed bug thermal heat fans

Bed Bug Heat Treatments – The Basics 120° is the Target Temperature Research has proven that bed bugs and the eggs die at 120° degrees Fahrenheit if exposed to for a long enough time frame. Achieving this temperature requires specialized equipment and training. Thermal Heat – What is it? Thermal heat treatments for bed bugs is when […]

Bed Bug or Flea? The most common confused pests.


In the 2018 annual bed bug report, by The Professional Pest Management Alliance (PPMA), asked questions of pest control companies from around the country. One of the questions asked was what pest were you called to initially treat that turned out to be bed bugs. The answer by 71% of the respondents was fleas. The […]

How to Check Your Home For Bed Bugs

check for bed bugs

You wake up with bites on your legs and arms. You wonder “What bit me?”. You know when you went to sleep you did not have the bites.  Now you want to check for bed bugs, but how do you do it? The easiest way to check for bed bugs is to call a professional […]

Bed Bugs in My AirBnB

Bed Bugs in my AirBnB or Rental Home Making some extra money by renting out a space is great. Bed bugs in my Airbnb is not what a host wants to hear nor is not what a renter wants to say. The presence of bed bugs does not reflect on the condition property or cleanliness. […]

Types of Bed Bug Treatments

bed bugs on a boxspring

Types of Bed Bug Treatments You have bed bugs and you call three different companies and they all have different types of bed bugs treatments. How are you supposed to know what works or does not work? Some companies want to heat your house, others want to freeze the bugs, and then others just want […]

Preparation for a Bed Bug Thermal Heat Treatment

thermal image bed bugs

Thermal Heat Treatment Preparation for Bed Bugs You know you have bed bugs and are ready for treatment.  The quotes on treating your space are in and you have decided to have a thermal heat treatment. What does having a thermal heat treatment performed in your home to exterminate bed bugs mean? Every company will […]

Unusual Places Bed Bugs Are Found

Places You Might Not Expect Bed Bugs to Be Bed bugs can get into places that people just do not think about. Bedbugs are great hitchhikers and therefore can be transported to places that are a bit unusual. The normal places people think of bed bugs being are: Beds and Mattresses Couches Recliners Bedroom But […]

How Do You Get Bed Bugs?

where do bed bugs come from

How Did I Get Bed Bugs? Bed Bugs have been around for thousands of years. A very common pest in the United States until World War 2. Bed bugs feed on blood, but have not been shown to spread disease during the meal unlike mosquitoes do. Bed bugs do not fly or walk great distances. […]