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Do Bed Bugs Fly?

Modern bed bugs do not fly. They have undeveloped wing pads but no wings. Bed bugs cannot jump either. Bed bugs must crawl, walk or hitchhike to get to a host.

Can bed bugs fly into houses or buildings?

Bed bugs cannot fly into houses or buildings. Bed bugs do not fly through open windows or doors.  The cleanliness of a home does not have any bearing on if a bed bug is introduced. Common places that bed bugs can be picked up are: dorm rooms, second-hand furniture, sleepovers, overnight guests, hotels offices, taxis. They are brought in through people moving around. Bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers and can get in through backpacks, clothes, suitcases, people and a wide variety of other fabric items.

Once inside a home bed bugs can quickly spread. They can walk from room to room or be carried. Bed bugs are looking for a blood meal from a host and tend to hide near where the host rests or sleeps.  Baby bed bugs or nymphs can be hard to see with the naked eye and can move undetected through carpets or along baseboards.

Bed Bug Control

Even though bed bugs do not fly they also do not go away on their own. Bed bugs can be difficult to get rid of. The longer and bigger the infestation is in your home then the harder it is to completely get rid of them. Contact the bed bug professionals at 120 PEST, that know how to control and eliminate the bed bugs in your home or office.

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