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Treating Bed Bugs with The Biopesticde Aprehend

The Advantages of Aprehend – A New Biopesticide

Bed bug treatments were developed in the early 2000’s when bed bugs reemerged. A treatment relying on chemicals is what most companies do as a bed bug treatment. Each company has their own way of treating for bed bugs. Companies that think that products alone can get rid of bed bugs with 1 or 2 trips may not be the company you want to pick. Aprehend is a new product that can be used only by professionals and is a good alternative to replace some of the current products but still should be used in a thorough treatment plan.

Why do chemical treatments fail?

  • The product is not put where the bugs are. That means they will not ever come in contact with.
  • The bed bugs have a natural resistance to the product used. That means over the many generations the bugs were exposed to that ingredient, but it did not kill them. It may have made them sick. There bodies built an immunity to that product and have passed it on the future generations.
  • The product used just will not kill bed bugs unless you spray them directly.
  • The product used just will not kill bed bugs unless you spray them directly.
  • A lot of products loose their ability to kill bed bugs after they have dried.
  • The company or technician does not have experience with bed bugs and therefore does not know how to effectively kill them.

What is Aprehend?

Aprehend is a new product that was developed at Penn State using a live fungus called, Beauveria Bassiana, that is found in nature. Bed bugs do not have a natural resistance at this time to the fungus which means that if it is applied correctly then it will kill them. As the bed bugs walk across the spores they pick them up like wet sand. Then they contract a disease which kills them but is harmless to human. The bed bugs do not have to have long prolonged contact with the spores to have them kill them. The bugs can then transfer spores to other bed bugs who did not come into direct contact. This process takes 3-4 weeks.

How does 120 Pest use Aprehend?

Aprehend is used along with other methods including vacuuming, steaming, and monitoring. Some homes or situations may not be the right candidate. Certain environmental factors may kill the fungus or spores before they have a chance to work.

Let us evaluate to see if your home is right for Aprehend.

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