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Where did these bed bugs come from?

One of the first questions people want to be answered is “Where did I get bed bugs from?”. This question can bring up a wide range of emotions for the person having to have bed bug infestation eliminated from their home. If you can reasonably figure out the source, then you can take steps in the future to avoid reinfestation. To try and determine the source our technicians conduct a pretreatment interview. We help the client walk through a relevant time frame to try and pinpoint two things:

1. Who brought them in?

2. Where did they get them from?

Where are the bed bugs at?

  • Are they are predominately on a new piece of furniture?
  • Are they only around the headboard or bed?
  • Did you find one in the bottom of your suitcase?
  • Did you find one in the trunk of your car?

Questions you can ask yourself?

The top 3 ways people introduce bed bugs into their home are:

  • You stayed in an infested room on a recent trip.
  • A houseguest or friend that brought them in or stayed with a friend that has them.
  • You brought in a piece of used furniture.

People can also pick up bed bugs through these less likely places:

  • Cab or Ride Share
  • Office (briefcases and computer bags)
  • School (backpacks transport them)
  • Work – in home care nurses, therapy centers
  • Friends and Playdates

If you can identify the original source then it will help to stop reintroduction after your home is treated.


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