Unusual Places Bed Bugs Are Found

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Places You Might Not Expect Bed Bugs to Be

Bed bugs can get into places that people just do not think about. Bedbugs are great hitchhikers and therefore can be transported to places that are a bit unusual. The normal places people think of bed bugs being are:

    • Beds and Mattresses
    • Couches
    • Recliners
    • Bedroom

But what about those places that make people think…. How did they get there?

Five Unusual Places to Find Bed Bugs

1. Campers, RV’s , and 5th Wheels

Yes, you can invite your friends to go camping and they can bring bed bugs but campers ad RV’s are popular rental items. These are like a hotel room on wheels and just as hotel rooms can get bed bugs from visitors, campers and RV’s are the same. Treating a camper or RV is like treating a room but because of the plastic items and other car components special care must be taken.

2. Airplanes

Most people fly commercial and the occasionally year hear a news story about bed bugs found during flight. Just as commercial flights can get bed bugs so can private and charter planes. The luggage is put in the cargo hold and just like that bed bugs are on the plane. This could be because the guest that brought them aboard could have got them from the hotel they just left. As with the special care that must be taken with a RV an airplane is no different. The bedbugs would most likely be found where the luggage is stored, on the seats, or in a bed berth.

3. School

Kids go to school, college, or university everyday bring their backpack. If they have an infestation at home and put their backpack on the bed when they study then it not hard to believe the bed bugs are climbing and going to school. There has been reports of bed bugs in classrooms, offices, and even lab settings.

4. Shelters

Shelters while not as unusual as other places is not often thought about. Shelters can have many people a night who carry a lot of their belongings with them in and out everyday. The people staying can change frequently and sleeping space can be shared. Finding the source in a shelter can often prove to be very difficult.

5. Movie Theaters

On the news you will occasionally hear of a theater that is found to have bed bugs. People bring them in and they get into the seats.

120 Pest can help you

If you find bed bugs in a weird or unusual place 120 Pest can develop a treatment to eliminate them. If you find them in your home, bed, or apartment then we can take care of that to.

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