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What is a K9 Bed Bug Inspection?

Dogs can be trained to inspect for many different things. The more common items are drugs, people, and other illegal items. Dogs can also be trained to sniff out live bed bugs and eggs. The inspection consists of a trained dog and handler going through the target areas and the dog is searching for a bed bug scent.

Commercial Facilities or Multi Family Apartments

Hotels, apartment buildings, office buildings, dorms,  and other large facilities can hire a dog team to quickly search large areas. A person could take an hour to inspect 4 hotel rooms and a dog could do in a quarter of that time. Some facilities due to the size or complexity just would be too big for a visual inspection.  These types of facilities can have a dog do routine inspections or brought in one when a problem is suspected.


Homeowners can hire a dog to inspect their house. If a homeowner has had repeated infestations over a long period of time a dog can put their mind at ease that the bed bugs are gone. The dog can be used to confirm the elimination of bed bugs. This along with a regular inspection allows people to put the bed bug issue behind them and not think about it any more.

Property Managers

Property Managers can have inspections done for rental properties to get them back on the market quicker. This inspection gives the manager more protection against future guests or tenants being bit by bugs or eggs surviving a treatment.

How is the bed bug detection dog trained?

The dog is trained in the same manner, with the same trainers, and at the same facility the dogs that are being trained for police, bomb, and FDA use. The dog must meet the same standard as as the other dogs so that the reputation of the facility is maintained. The dog is trained daily and is recertified as required.

Preemptive Inspections

Facilities find it financially beneficial to have scheduled bed bug inspections every quarter, twice a year, or yearly. Facilities can identify any bed bug infestations quickly before they have a chance to spread, Assisted living facilities, nursing homes, hotels, motels can have the whole facility quickly and quietly inspected for bed bugs.

Why hire 120 Pest to do the inspection?

120 Pest is a bed bug treatment company. Our focus is on providing quality treatments for bed bugs. The dogs we use are trained and handled everyday by a full time dog detection trainer.

We are always on site for the inspection to confirm visually, if possible, what the dog alerts to. At that point, we can recommend how to proceed with a treatment.

What is your service area for K9 detection?

K9 services are available for the Metro Atlanta Area and North Georgia area. If you are outside the metro Atlanta area we may still be able to inspect your facility or property. Please contact us so we can discuss it.

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