Hal Payne of 120 Pest has become an Associate Certified Entomologist

Associate Certified Entomologist

Hal Payne has earned the Associate Certified Entomologist Certification Hal Payne, the owner of 120 Pest, has earned the ACE certification from the The Entomological Society of America.  To earn Associate Certified Entomologist (ACE) status, a person must possess a minimum of five years of verifiable pest management experience, a current pest control license, the […]

Types of Bed Bug Treatments

bed bugs on a boxspring

Types of Bed Bug Treatments You have bed bugs and you call three different companies and they all have different types of bed bugs treatments. How are you supposed to know what works or does not work? Some companies want to heat your house, others want to freeze the bugs, and then others just want […]

Unusual Places Bed Bugs Are Found

Places You Might Not Expect Bed Bugs to Be Bed bugs can get into places that people just do not think about. Bedbugs are great hitchhikers and therefore can be transported to places that are a bit unusual. The normal places people think of bed bugs being are: Beds and Mattresses Couches Recliners Bedroom But […]