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Organic Pest Control

Organic Pest Control is usually used to describe what type of products are going to be used. People tend to say that organic products are not toxic. It is true that some of the products work by suffocation  or dehydration, but some such as Pyrethrum are toxic to the pest.  Organic pest control products include:


Boric Acid

Diatomaceous Earth

Other Plant based oils include Spearmint, Wintergreen, Orange, Canola


Neem Oil


Organic pest products can work if applied correctly. These products can have good results targeting certain pests may not last for a sufficient time when applied outdoors. Organic products tend to break down quicker than their counterparts. The organic products tend to have more odors associated with them than other products.

People tend to like these products because they may be less toxic to people, bees or pets.

Natural Pest Control

Natural Pest Control often includes using methods other than chemicals to achieve pest control and protection by utilizing strategies such as:

Habitat modification – removing the pest’s home, removing the food source, or water source that the pest is using

Barrier Placement – Using items such as caulk or wire mesh to exclude pests or rodents from areas

Trapping – Rodents, mice, and rats can be trapped using lethal or non-lethal traps.

Exclusion – You can block entry points to stop pests from entering your home. Items used to exclude pests are mesh, steel wool, repair of holes or rot, and metal flashing.

Vacuuming – You can physically remove the pest with a vacuum

Heat or Cold- Exposing pests to extreme heat or cold can cause death. Heating is more effective than cold when choosing between temperature treatments.

Natural pest control can lead to long lasting control or elimination of pests if done correctly.

If you would like an exterminator near you that offers natural or organic pest control then you can contact 120 Pest. 120 Pests offers quarterly pest prevention programs for people in the Roswell and Woodstock  GA areas. By not limiting ourselves to one type of product we can offer a long-term pest protection plan. By using the most effective methods of natural, organic, and regular pest prevention we offer the best of each and you receive a guaranteed pest-free home.

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