How Much is Quarterly Pest Control Service?

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How is pest control priced?

SoWhen you type into google “pest control company near me” or “best pest control company in my city” how are you going to figure out who’s service is right for you?  Not all pest control companies near you provide the same services or use the same products. So what does that price you see online really mean?

Most companies charge a startup fee and then the regular fee. The fee is stated either by a monthly rate or the service frequency rate. Most companies offer quarterly pest control services. The larger or initial startup fee is to cover the extra time and materials the company has to use to get you started properly. You can find pest control companies near you that will charge $60 a quarter and other pest control companies that will charge $150 a quarter for that same house.

This is a breakdown of how you can value that pest control price.

metimes an unexpected bed bug or termite service can be more expensive than you might have anticipated; however, they are still very necessary. At 120 Pest, we understand and are very excited to now offer an option to help you bridge the gap between those needed immediate pest services and the financing to do so. We’ve recently partnered with ARC 90 to help our customers get instantly approved for a loan with and without a credit check. 

How many times a year is the pest control company going to service my home?

There are 4 answers for this.

A one time treatment. This type of pest control service is usually the most expensive and comes with a limited warranty.

Quarterly or 4 times a year. This type of pest control service is usually the cheapest. Sometimes the technician has to service 15-20 customers a day depending on how much the company charges. You have to remember that people have to get paid. The lower the price usually means the less time the technician can spend. The lower the price could also indicate the plan does not cover as many pests and you may be constantly told that additional pests are an additional fee.

Every other month or 6 times a year. This pest control service has the technician out for 6 services instead of 4. This service tends to have less problems in between services because the company is addressing them. With the 120 Pest Natural Pest service, we understand the products may not last as long and need to be reapplied sooner to provide you with a pest free home. These products do cost more than the generic synthetic products that most other companies use.

Monthly service is usually reserved for commercial accounts. With the products and techniques available today, monthly pest control for a home is usually not needed. This will be the most expensive way to have your home treated.

What products are they going to use to treat my pests?

Most companies use synthetic products, but 120 Pest use natural products instead. Natural products are made from minerals, organisms, or plants. They can be just as effective, maybe a little safer for people and pets, and do not last as long in the environment. You can have a pest free home with natural products but it does require more frequent visits. Natural pest control is sometimes referred to as green pest control. Paying more for your service can also mean the technician will access to more products to treat your pest issue. If using a certain product or technique does not work, then the higher fee allows them to have more options and time to kill your bugs.

Which pest control technician am I seeing this time?

Some companies have high turn over and you may see a new face very service. This turnover can be for a bunch of reasons but one of the big ones is the company expecting the tech to service x number of houses so they can reach their goal. If you hire the cheapest company around the technician may not be given the time to service you properly because they are only allotted a small amount of time. This pressure can lead to employee burn out and quitting.

Something to think about

Plumbers, electricians, and a lot of other trades charge for inspections and in home estimates. By paying for the in home estimate or inspection you are taking away the need for high pressure sales tactics.  By paying for the time to have an educated pest control professional come to your home and spend an hour to evaluate your certain problem you can usually get a better service and understand why their price is what it is. The fee usually just covers their expense to come to your home.

120 Pest is a locally owned and family-operated company providing natural pest control services the Milton GA, Alpharetta GA, Canton GA, Woodstock GA, Ball Ground GA, and Holly Springs GA. 

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