Preparation for a Bed Bug Thermal Heat Treatment

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Thermal Heat Treatment Preparation for Bed Bugs

You know you have bed bugs and are ready for treatment.  The quotes on treating your space are in and you have decided to have a thermal heat treatment. What does having a thermal heat treatment performed in your home to exterminate bed bugs mean? Every company will have their own specific requirements but there are some basic guidelines about a heat treatment. Your company should provide written instructions to you before the treatment. These instructions will help you protect items and help to ensure the thermal heat treatment is successful. To review our complete preparation checklist go to this page.

It's going to get hot!!

Heat treatments must heat the space and contents to at least 120° to kill the live bugs and eggs. The ambient air temperature may greater than 120° and could reach 150° to 160°.
A good rule of thumb is – if an item can get damaged in a closed car on a hot summer day then a heat treatment may damage it.
120° Pest advices our clients to remove items from the treatment area after a technician has inspected or cleared the item for removal.

Cleaning is a Must

For the space to hit 120° the heated air needs to be able to move and transfer the heat energy to items. Some cleaning is required for this to happen.

The prep is important.

By doing the required prep you will help to ensure a successful thermal heat treatment. This list is not complete and you should consult with the bed bug company of your choice on what they require as preparation for a thermal heat treatment. By following your company’s pretreatment list you are helping to ensure a successful bed bug heat treatment. You can download a free preparation sheet here. 

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