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Hiring a professional bedbug exterminator can be a difficult decision. Having bedbugs in your home has already affected your life and you want the gone …quick. There are steps you should take when interviewing companies to treat your home. Take a little time to talk with professional bedbug exterminators in your area before you choose who to hire. Most companies do not do free bed bug inspections. These inspections can take an hour or more to complete. Ask if they will apply the cost of the inspection against the treatment price. Most will. If you know you have bed bugs and want a quote to treat then some companies will waive the inspection fee.

Basic Questions to Ask

  • 1. Are you licensed? In Georgia, All pest control companies must be licensed by the Georgia Structural Pest Control Board. You can check if the company has a valid license by clicking here.
  • 2. How long have you been doing bed bug work? Bed bugs are not like other pests when it comes to treatment.
  • 3. How long do you warranty the treatment? Most companies offer a 30-day warranty, but 120 Pest offers a standard 90 day.
  • 4. Is there at least one follow up after the treatment? Bedbugs can take 2 weeks to emerge from an egg. Professional bed bug companies should come back at least 14 days after the treatment to check.
  • 5. Will you inspect my home? Quoting bed bug treatments over the phone or via email can contain a lot of upcharges and gotchas. The treatment needs to be based on your home, your contents, and the severity of the infestation.
  • 6. Is there an inspection fee? It is not unusual to be charged an inspection fee to determine if you have bed bugs or not.

Have an in-person inspection and or quote done

By having a professional bedbug company come to your home they can explain:

  • 1. How long the treatment is going to take? Treatments can range from 2 to 12 hours depending on how much area is being treated.
  • 2. How widespread the infestation is? 120 Pest rates the severity of the infestation and adjusts the treatment accordingly.
  • 3. What is any prep work needs to be completed by you before the treatment? Prep work is requirements on you to complete before the treatment. This could be wide-ranging items such as cleaning up, removing antiques, etc.
  • 4. Explain how the treatment will proceed. A knowledgeable inspector can explain the treatment process.
  • 5. Explain what you can expect on the treatment date. The inspector should set expectations for the treatment date.

Ask how they are going to treat your home

Ask about how they plan to treat your home. Every company has different ways of treating for bedbugs. You will find a wide range for pricing to treat your home. Companies who have proven methods and spend the time needed tend to be more expensive.

Some Red Flags to Look For

As a consumer, you will have to use your judgment when selecting a bedbug exterminator. Some red flags you can look for are:

  • 1. They can treat that day.
  • 2. The company will only use chemicals and do offer any other control method. In addition to chemicals, other items that could be offered are mattress encasements, monitors, heat, and steam.
  • 3. The price is really low. Bedbug treatments take time to complete. Expect at least 2-4 hours for one bedroom.
  • 4. They do not perform any type of inspection to determine the severity of the infestation.
  • 5. High-pressure sales people. Ask them to leave the agreement so you can read it after they leave.

To talk to 120 Pest about your bedbug issue please contact us.


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